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Imad Mahawili, Ph.D.





XEnergy Technologies, LLC                                                                     2013-Present

CEO & President

Founded XEnergy Technologies that acquired the intellectual property license of E-Net, LLC from WindTronics, LLC after WindTronics wound down its operations. Introduced the XT9000 at the International AHR Expo in New York City, NY in January 2014. Developed the exhaust energy recovery system, the XT9000, for commercial HVAC systems and installed several sytems at US Government facilities with significant energy savings.


WindTronics, LLC                                                                                              2009-2012

Chief Technical Officer

Founded E-Net, LLC to develop a novel wind turbine in 2008.  In 2009 Windtronics licensed this proprietary technology and began full scale prototype and product development. The business group raised funds to market test the six foot diameter version of this technology and sell initial prototypes. Achieved UL1741 certification of a novel DC battery charging energy management system.


Grand Valley State University                                                              2003-2009

Executive Director

Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center

Muskegon, Michigan                      

Established the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (MAREC) as the first distributed electric generation facility in the State.  This gold certified LEED building was inaugurated in April of 2004.  MAREC is a demonstration center for advanced distributed generation energy technologies such as a 250 KW molten carbonate fuel cell, 30 KW photovoltaic solar arrays, and an 80 KW buffering nickel metal hydride battery.  This was funded by a $3 million grant from the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC).  Integration of these technologies with Consumers Energy electric utility grid was successfully achieved in 2004 followed by studies of their technical and economic performances.

Received a $250 thousand grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) under their Green Technology fund.  Part of this grant was used to select and install at MAREC a combined heat power micro turbine that uses natural gas and establish its technical and economic performance parameters together with a fully integrated ice melt system that utilizes the waste heat.

Determined that biomass waste is a renewable energy resource in the State of Michigan and wrote a grant application for the construction of a plant to convert animal and farm biomass to methane gas and subsequently to electricity.  The MPSC awarded a $1 million grant under their Energy Efficiency program to this biomass initiative using the advanced Austrian biodigester technology that was carefully selected. Negotiated with several Michigan farm businesses for the site of this biomass plant.  In early 2007 den Dulk Dairy, LLC, one of the largest dairy farm business in the U.S. became the select partner.   A team of highly experienced companies in general contracting, engineering, cement fabrication, and electrical integration was then established.  The biomass plant started full operation in January of 2008.  It generates all the electricity the biodigester plant requires using a second micro turbine purchased under the DOE grant and a power generating system to meet the needs of the 1000 dairy farm that feeds it.  One of the key objectives of this biogas plant is to evaluate its economics and commercial viability and to assist in its proliferation in the animal farm businesses in our State and the US.

Determined that the State of Michigan is well endowed with a significant offshore wind renewable energy potential that can meet the State’s electric requirements for decades to come.  Wrote a white paper delineating this offshore wind prospect and established a plan where this initiative can first be tested in Lake Muskegon.  Created a local committee comprised of all the key political and elected officials that need to be part of this critical program.  This offshore wind proposal was funded with $1.5 million by the Federal Government appropriations grants in 2009.

Worked with Grand Valley State University to establish the Grand Valley Research Corporation (GVRC).  GVRC’s key objective is to work with entrepreneurs from within GVSU and those that might have affiliation through its SmartZones. 

Incubated two innovative technologies at MAREC using own innovations in energy efficiency and renewable energy: ERT and E-Net, LLC.  Raised start up funds for each of these companies.  The feasibility of each technology was demonstrated and Windtornics, LLC licensed the E-Net, LLC wind turbine for business commercialization in 2009.

Established MAREC Energy Audit program.  MAREC personnel were certified in energy efficiency measurements for commercial buildings.  Computer programs were selected to be the analytical tools for light distribution and air flow distribution measurements.  Custom recommendations for light system, air flow, and HVAC changes were then made to optimize the return of investment for each customer.

Was selected to Chair the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Committee in the World Renewable Energy Conference IX in Florence, Italy, August 2006. 


Micro C Technologies, Inc.                                                                   1996 - 2003

Founder, President & CEO

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Invented advanced silicon wafer heating and temperature measurement technologies for rapid thermal processing (RTP) of semiconductor devices.  Founded Micro C in January 1996 and helped raise its first and second round funding from Korea and Taiwan. Hired skilled technical and support staff and developed them into a cohesive and creative “High Tech” team.  Micro C was purchased by Hitachi Kokusai of Japan in April 2000.  The following three years Micro C performed numerous customer demonstrations of its initial technology in the US, Japan and Korea.  After the three year term Hitachi Kokusai transferred all of Micro C’s assets, including its intellectual properties and the ten systems build in Grand Rapids, to Japan to begin the manufacturing and commercial phase of the business.


Five Start Up Companies                                                                      1980 -1996


E.I. du Pont de Nemours                                                                        1974 -1979

Wilmington, Delaware



Distributed Generation Facility with Integrated Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell, Combined Heat Power Micro Turbine, Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaic Cells, and Nickel Metal Hydride Battery, World Renewable Energy Conference IX, Florence, Italy, August 2006.

Wafer Processing in an RTXTM RTP Chamber with Device Side Emissivity Measurement and Temperature Control, (IBM invited paper), S. J. Lineberry and A. J. Davio, Electrochemical Society Proceedings, Volume 2002-11,  289-299

LPCVD:  Forced-Convection Flow and Deposition of LTO, PSG and BPSG Dielectric Films; Solid State Technology; August 1987

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A Study of TiCl4 Oxidation in a Rotating Arc Plasma Jet; AIChE Symposium, 1979 Series 75, Issue 186, 11-24



8,049,351 Turbine Energy Generating System
8,178,987  Wind Turbine
5,951,896  Rapid thermal processing heater technology and method of use
RE37,546  Reactor and method of processing a semiconductor substrate
6,310,32    Water cooled support for lamps and rapid thermal  processing chamber                                   
6,090,212  Substrate platform for a semiconductor substrate during rapid high temperature processing and method of support substrate6,007,635  Platform for supporting a semiconductor substrate and method of supporting a substrate during rapid high temperature processing

5,814,365  Reactor and method of processing a semiconductor substrate

5,591,220  Fluid replacement apparatus for use with a portable heating and cooling system

5,486,207  Thermal pad for portable body heating/cooling system and method of use

5,336,249    Portable body heating/cooling system and method of use

5,059,770    Multi-zone planar heater assembly and method of operation

4,993,358    Chemical vapor deposition reactor and method of operation

4,834,022    CVD reactor and gas injection system

4,680,447    Cooled optical window for semiconductor wafer heating

4,673,799    Fluidized bed heater for semiconductor processing

4,550,684    Cooled optical window for semiconductor wafer heating

 4,315,523    Electronically controlled flow meter and flow control system

Pending 1    Reactor with Remote Plasma System and Method of Processing a Semiconductor Substrate

Pending 2    A Novel Chemistry for Boron Diffusion Barrier Layer and Method of Application in Semiconductor Device Fabrication

Pending 3   Ultra Fast Rapid Thermal Processing Chamber and Method Of use

Allowed 4    High Temperature Plasma Method of Use for Chemical Synthesis and Chemical By-Products Abatements

Multiple Foreign Patents issued and pending



Ph.D. (1974), D.I.C. (1974)

Imperial College, University of London


B.Sc. (Chem. Eng.), First Class Honors (1971), A.C.G.I. (1971)

Imperial College, University of London